Some Devices that Help to Secure your Home’s IoT

In these days, internet has made our life so easy and comfortable. We can get any information at our finger tips with the help of internet. We use internet via computers, and smart phones. The fastest growing Internet of Things has changed our lives to a great extent.
With the improvement in technology, new gadgets has been designed and developed, so that we can make our homes smarter. With so many vulnerable IoT gadgets, there are plenty of reasons to worry about our smart home’s safety and security, as cyber attacks and various malicious activities can affect our smart homes.. So, with the invent of IoT devices, we will be able to hard pressed to control and the dozens of connected gadgets adorning our home.
Nowadays, IoT devices that secure our smart homes are increasing. In response to the growing number of IoT devices at homes and the attack vectors that they introduce, tech firms are giving new smart solutions to protect our smart homes. Below are some of the titles that promise to provide all in one solutions for security issues in smart homes.
F-Secure SENSE:
F-Secure, which is a Finnish security company offers a new and smart approach to our home security purpose with its new SENSE gadget. You can connect SENSE device to your existing Wi-Fi router and add a layer of security to your home network. You can control and monitor it via administrative mobile application. SENSE device scans your network activity, if it senses and sends you notifications. Sometimes, it fails to sense, which indicates that something has gone wrong.
You can install this SENSE App on your computers, mobile phones, and tablets. This App blocks any incoming or outgoing traffic that seems suspicious, thereby giving you centralized remote control over individual devices at your network.
Luma Smart Wi-Fi Router:
Startup Company Luma recently introduced its new product Wi-Fi home router that mainly focuses on fast, safety and security. The features of this device include mesh networking technology to improve speed and coverage across your home by including additional Luma gadgets without making any extra configurations.
When it comes to matter of security, the creators of Luma maintain enterprise level of security to your home. It has become vulnerable to cyber attacks with the advent of IoT. In order to monitor incoming and outgoing internet traffic for suspicious activity and malware like behavior, Luma uses virus and intrusion detection.
Dojo Labs has recently introduced its own device to provide security for home network. It has been named Dojo and is capable of spotting and blocking suspicious activity by connected devices at your home network. It includes detecting and blocking hackers attempting to infiltrate your devices remotely, or attempts made by your device to exfiltrate your data to somewhere where it shouldn’t.
It works by plugging into your Wi-Fi router through an Ethernet cable and acting as your home network’s gatekeeper. It monitors all the incoming and outgoing traffic and even performs its perusal and analysis function. If it detects any abnormal behavior, then it sends you a report through the App and propmpts for an action.

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