Repair a Damaged GoPro Video File

Last week I bought a GoPro HD Hero 4 camera and had been to an adventurous trip to a remote Canyon with my friends. As the trip was quite awesome I recorded all those wonderful moments in my new camera, but on the way back to home one of my friends suddenly ejected the memory card while he was watching those videos. Now I am not able to view those videos as it might have been corrupted, can anyone help in fixing GoPro mp4 video file?”

GoPro is High-Definition camcorders developed by GoPro Inc. which is mainly used for extreme action video photography i.e. for capturing extreme action videos like F1 racing events, high mountain ranges, recording videos in deep under-water, competition shooters, athletics, sky-diving, etc. It is also known for its light-weight, durability, waterproof, shockproof, mountable in all places, etc. Nowadays the GoPro camera is gaining more and more popularity as it generates high quality images and you can easily capture all the actions.

The video files recorded in the GoPro camera are in Mp4 format and very large in size which are often prone to corruption. Whenever a video file is corrupted in GoPro camera, you will get some error messages such as “unable to play the video” or the videos may be distorted. Whenever the user faces such type of issues he gets worried and falls into false assumption that he may never get back his precious video files. Dear friend stop worrying as you have come to the right place, you can easily fix GoPro Mp4 video files using some good repair software such as Fix Damaged Mov.

Some scenarios for the corruption of video files in GoPro

  • Sometimes due to abrupt removal of memory card from the GoPro camera while it is processing the captured videos, the video files may get corrupted.
  • Whenever an interruption occurs during the transfer operation of video files form the GoPro camera to any other device the videos may get damaged.
  • Whenever the battery of the camera dies off while filming some footage, then the video files in it may get damaged.
  • The video files may get corrupted whenever the computer shutdowns suddenly while you are playing some videos in GoPro camera which is attached to the computer.
  • Sometimes due to firmware corruption of the camera the video codec may get corrupted leading to the damage of the video files.

Visit this page to use default mechanism for fixing GoPro video file errors. However, if you are unable to repair the GoPro video file then you can make use of Fix Damaged Mov software which will effectively fix GoPro video files. 

How to fix GoPro Mp4?

The GoPro video file repair can be done by using some trusted and professional repair tool such as Fix Damaged MOV tool which will easily fix GoPro mp4 video file as it is developed with powerful and dynamic repair algorithms that will repair every segment of your video file. After fixing GoPro Mp4 video file the tool allows you to preview and organize the repaired files. The tool separates the audio and the video part of the corrupted video file and later adjourns them so that you will get the original video as it was captured with your GoPro camera. The software does no do any damage to the original video file as it is read-only i.e. the repaired file can be saved into any other storage device. It supports all types of GoPro cameras such as Hero 2, Hero 3, Hero 4, Hero 5, Digital Hero 3, Digital Hero 5, etc.

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