Know the Simplest Method to Retrieve Videos from Corrupt Memory Card

Memory card is a small size external digital storage media that has become popular due to its huge storage capacity and compatibility with most of the digital media device. You can find different types of memory card depending on which device it is to be  used like Micro SD card, Mini SD card, MMC, CF, SDHC, SDXC,SD, Smart Media, etc. Some of the popular brands of memory card are Kingston, PNY, Laxer, Transcend, Sony, San Disk, etc. It is used almost in every type of multimedia gadgets like Smart phones, digital cameras, music players, video players, etc.

However, sometimes your memory card gets corrupted because of some reasons that are caused because of human interruptions or due to some technical glitches. When you connect your memory card to the computer, the system will not recognize the card and it will show some error messages that the card is corrupted. In this situation, you won’t be able to access the data that you stored in your memory card including video files. If you have stored lots of videos in your memory card, you will be worried how to recover video files from corrupted memory card. You will search on internet how to tackle this problem and get back your video files. The effective solution is given by an application known as Media Recovery Software which will recovers all video files. This advanced recovery tool recovers all your deleted media files from memory card in few mouse clicks.

Eventualities on which the memory card can get corrupted:

  • Improper usage of memory card: When you use same memory card on different digital cameras or mobiles then there will be chances of videos in memory card to get corrupted. In such cases, BIOS will detect your memory card but all the data stored on it will become inaccessible.
  • Abrupt Ejection:Sometimes,memory card may also gets corrupted when you remove the memory card abruptly from the system for examplewhile transferring video from memory card to computer or vice versa if you eject card then there are chances of corruption to memory card.
  • Virus attack: One of the major reasons for memory card corruption is Virus. Viruses or some malwares enter to the card due to various reasons mainly when you download a file from internet, transfer videos from virus infected PC etc, cause memory card corruption.
  • Accidental Formatting: Formatting will erase entire existing files in the memory card. Sometimes, you want to format a particular partition on memory card, but accidentally you select some other partition that contains videos and format it. It leads to huge amount of data loss.
  • File System corruption:It plays a vital role in memorizing entire information that is saved on a memory card. It holds the necessary information such as file name, file size, date and location of every file. If it gets corrupted or damaged due to any of malfunction, there are chances for partitions get deleted.

Besides of these mentioned scenarios, there are many other reasons, on account of which your memory card gets corrupted. Let the reason be anything, you don’t have to get worried about your crucial videos and other files which are missing from the card after corruption. By using Media Recovery software it becomes too simple to get back video files from corrupted memory card PC and laptops which are enabled with Mac OS X or Windows operating systems.

If you wish to try out the above told Media recovery software, then just visit and download the trial version of it. Install and run the application by following the necessary recovery steps to retrieve all your video files from corrupted memory card.

Following are the features of media recovery application

  • This powerful media recovery software is one of the most excellent tools to recover media files from corrupted memory cards, USB drives, flash drives, FireWire drives etc.
  • By using this tool, one can recover video files from memory cards that are corrupted, damaged, formatted or have become inaccessible to bad sectors, file system corruption and other issues.
  • After retrieving media files you can sort them on the basis of name, date, size and file type.
  • Supports recovery of videos and images captured by different digital camera / camcorder models such as Samsung, Sony, Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Minolta, Kodak and many more.
  • It effectively supports recovery of video files like MPEG, MP4, AVI, 3GP, RM, MOV etc.
  • This software makes use of simple user interface that can make the recovery process very simple.
  • Even if you don’t know how to recover video files from corrupted memory card, you can make it easily just in few simple clicks as it comes with step by step guidance.

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