Know How You Can Set Permissions For A Website in Google Chrome

Google chromeWorried! Websites stealing your information.

Sites urge to spy on your Browsing habits. That’s how their business works.

They tend to get more information about you. That`s help them to show relevant adds and other promotional offer same way you like it.

But it`s t rue that they are invading in your privacy.

Like I am watching Porn that doesn`t mean I want world to know.

You can stop this. You can stop Website and some third party programs spying on your cookies data.

Google has some useful features to manage Site permission. You can block site from accessing your cookies data, disable pop ups or JavaScript.

First, what are cookies? Cookies are patterns of your browsing information such as which site you visited most and how often and also your profile information.

Two types of cookies:

First party cookies- set by the site domain listed in the address bar.

Third party cookies- set by other domain that has affiliated items such as ads or images, embedded on the page.

Let`s see how to set cookies according to your preferences first.

    • Click on the lock or page  icon that appears on chrome address bar.
    • Under the permission click on Show cookies and site data.

how to set permissions for a website in google chrome

    • Another Window saying Cookies set by this site will appear.

how to set permissions for a website in google chrome

    • From here either you can choose to Block or Remove the cookie files.

how to set permissions for a website in google chrome

This is just the one aspect like wise you can select to block images, pop ups etc. You can even choose to let sites to know your location o not. Google Chrome is going to handle it for you.

Check this out on Google support documents. They have listed detail procedure on managing site permission.


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