How to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung Phone?

Samsung is a multinational South Korean company. It’s headquarters located in Seoul. It is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of smartphones and mobile phones. Samsung phones have become direct competitors against Apple phones after the release of some of the finest phones in the market like Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy Note edge, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy A8/A7/A5, Galaxy A/J/E series and Galaxy S so on. Apart from the models, Samsung preserves “Environmental free” polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and brominated flame retardants (BFRs) in all of its products.

Samsung Smartphones are well known for the photo quality associated with its built-in camera. People tend to take a lot of pictures using these smartphones. Almost, every one of us is crazy about taking pictures and selfies and the worst thing is that we may get frustrated if our photos get deleted mysteriously. Samsung phones are not an exception from this. So, it is essential to know the reasons for this photo deletion.                               

Some of the Causes for Deletion of Photos from Samsung Phones:

  • Accidental Deletion: while previewing photos on phone, we may unintentionally press “delete all” option which leads to deletion of photos.
  • Interruption during Transfer of Images: Suppose we are transferring pictures from our smartphone to computer via USB and any kind of interruption of the process suddenly causes photo deletion. Abrupt removal of the phone from PC before using “safely removal” option before finishing data transfer may also leads to photo deletion.
  • Antivirus: Photo in our smartphone may get infected by viruses while sharing it on Bluetooth, Whatsapp or while posting it on Facebook using internet. If, we connect our smartphone to a computer at that time, the third party tools like Antivirus may automatically detects and deletes the infected photos permanently resulting in loss of the photos.
  • Use of Memory Card on Multiple Devices: Memory cards are possible to get corrupt if it is used on multiple devices during read and write operation. If we insert a corrupted memory card on our Samsung smartphone, it may leads to deletion of all our photos on phone.
  • Data Cleaning: Data cleaning is an operation of removing unwanted data (temporary files) from our phone and sometimes it may accidently delete our favorite pictures from phone.

 Apart from above scenarios, our photos still may be deleted, if we select the factory setting on our phone without taking a backup, turn off the automatic upload option of cloud results in case of no backup data. So, in order to avoid such a deletion of photo we should always remember to do these following simple steps on our phone.

Safety Precautions to Avoid Deletion of Photo on Samsung Phone:

  • Install trustful antivirus software on our phone to avoid virus infection of our photos.
  • Always remember to take a back of our photos from phone before formatting it.
  • Activate the “automatic cloud upload options” in phone to save a backup copy of our photos on cloud.

Consider that photos got deleted if we have taken all these precautionary measures. Don’t panic or be worried because there is wonderful tool especially designed to recover photos from all model of Samsung phone named “Samsung photo recovery”.

Spectacular Features of the Software to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung Phone:

  • This efficient recover tool recovers photos in the case of accidentally deleted / formatted on Samsung phones.
  • We can recover deleted photos from Samsung phone memory cards of different types like SD, MMC, etc.
  • This application is robust award willing software. It is easy to use and malware free
  • We can install this software on various Microsoft OS platforms.
  • The deleted photo recovery from Samsung phone  using this powerful tool spans only 4 simple steps. The software is read only utility which does not alter our original photos or do not delete other photos from our phone during recovery.
  • This application scans both external and internal memory of device to recover deleted photos from Samsung phone.
  • In addition to the above characteristic of software, the “save recovery session” enable us to save the recovery session at any point and can start over the recovery session from where we left. The preview option in the software allows viewing photos before saving in advance.

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