How to Recover Data from Formatted Hard drive on Windows 10

“So, I have a WD internal hard drive on my Windows 10 computer that I accidentally formatted while partitioning the drive. I now lost all the data so is it even possible to recover data from a formatted hard drive on Windows 10 or are all the files and folders lost permanently?”

No, you can easily recover back all your data off your internal hard drive on your Windows 10 computer. This is possible with the help of a software to recover data from formatted hard drive. A formatted hard drive recovery software needs to be installed on your Windows 10 computer and it needs to be run on your hard drive.

The software will recover back all the data that was lost after format. The recovered data can be saved by you to a folder on your computer or any other drive so that you can once again get back access to your lost data.

To know how to use a formatted recovery software on Windows 10 and recover formatted data, watch the below linked video:

Here you can see that all it takes is a few mouse clicks to recover the data that was lost. The point to be noted here is, all the data that was lost after a hard drive format will still remain in the memory and can be recovered only with the help of a recovery software.

However, this data can only be present in your hard drive until you don’t write new data onto the drives memory. You need to put away your drive after it is formatted because writing new data will only overwrite the lost data that you’re looking to recover from your drive. Once the data gets overwritten, then there’s no way to recover it back again and it means that you’ve permanently lost the data off the drive.

So, when you don’t use the drive after format, the chances of you recovering back your data is high and one can guarantee himself that he/she can successfully recover back the data. Also, when you’re looking to recover data from a large storage sized hard drive on Windows 10, you need to make use of a recovery software that supports to recover files of all types and all sizes too.

The software must also be fast and responsive while performing a formatted hard drive data recovery. At the same time, it must be recommended to perform data recovery on Windows 10 OS. All these features can only be found on a recommended software that is designed to perform data recovery after formatting hard drive on Windows 10.

One such software is used in the above video that lets you to effortlessly perform data recovery from a formatted hard drive and save back the recovered data to a folder on Windows 10. So, if you’re here looking to find a way to recover data from a formatted hard drive on Windows 10, then stop worrying and get the software to recover data from formatted hard drive installed on your computer.

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