How to Fix Damaged MOV Video Files?

MOV file is a multimedia container file format actually created for Mac systems, later it was adopted for all the Operating systems including Windows and other platforms. It is a basic file format of QuickTime media player. This file is divided into tracks where each track stores the data that includes audio, video, sub titles, effects, etc. It makes use of MPEG-4 codec for compression.Fix damaged MOV

People used to record their videos of their happiest moments with the help of digital cameras, camcorders, etc. These gets stored in various devices like computer, cell phones, USB drives , etc. and are saved in the form of MOV file format. Among other video file formats MOV file format offers better video and audio clarity. The MOV files that are recorded with the help of camcorders and digital cameras are stored in the form of .MOV extension.

Sometimes you may come across the situation like corruption of MOV files due to unexpected reasons like header file corruption, abrupt system shutdown, bad sectors, etc. Don’t get panic if this situation occurs because you can make use of Fix Damaged MOV software to repair the damaged MOV videos with hassle free manner.

Some reasons which causes damage to the MOV video files:

  • Synchronization Errors: Sometimes user will face the problems of audio and video synchronization, this means the audio or video will play a head to each other. This problem arises due to downloading corrupted file from the internet, etc. Due to this the MOV files gets damaged.
  • Header File Corruption: Header of each file contains basic information of each file including file name, file type, its creation date, etc. If it’s get corrupted then the MOV file also gets corrupted and the user cannot able to access the MOV files.
  • File Conversion Error: While converting the MOV file to any other file format using any third party applications then it leads to the corruption of MOV files.
  • File Transfer Interruption: At the time of transferring the files from the external storage device to system’s hard drive, if any interruption occurs like abrupt system shutdown, hardware issues, etc. then it lead to the damage of MOV files.
  • Other Reasons: Some other reasons responsible for the damage of MOV files are hard drive crash, software conflicts, bad sectors, etc.

Salient Features of Fix Damaged MOV Software:

  • This software effectively repairs the damaged MOV files from both Windows and Mac Operating systems.
  • This application is used for repairing errors related to MOV files that are stored on storage devices like external USB drives, SD cards, memory cards, USB, iPod’s, etc. on Windows system.
  • This tool has an advanced built-in algorithm, which helps to repair the large sized MOV and MP4 video files.
  • It is used to repair the MOV files on Windows that are unplayable on various media players including VLC, Win Amp, Quick Time, and so on.
  • It is used to fix the damaged MOV video files from various brands of camcorders like Sanyo, GoPro, Contour, Nikon etc.
  • At the time of fixing the MOV files this software separates the audio and video of MOV file and afterwards adjoins them to make a playable video file.
  • It consists of preview option, so that the user can have the preview of repaired MOV files before going to restore them.

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