Fix Word 2010 Document and Restore its Information

MS Word 2010 is an integral part of Microsoft Office suite. It is the most preferred application by millions of people.  Word application provides enhanced features like hyperlink to a web page, embedding macros, creating designs, spelling and grammar check, etc. You can even print electronic documents using this MS 2010 Word file. These Word files have wide range of applications for students in preparing reports for projects, assignments,organizations and business for storing vital information. The native file extension of this version under which all the files will be saved is .docx.  As MS 2010 Word file is comfortable to use, but these documents can easily get damaged due to corruption.

Consider a scenario that yesterday you created one large project report using Microsoft Office 2010 Word. When you tried to open it, it was showing encoding errors indicating that 2010 Word document is damaged. You might have felt irritated by seeing this message. At the same time, it was important need to submit the report by tomorrow and it was impossible to cannot create entire report in single day. So, can anyone suggest me how to fix and retrieve 2010 Word file without losing any data?

Whenever office 2010 Word application is unable to open a Word file in normal way, then you use open and repair command option present in Word to fix damaged Word file. But, it may not work for severely corrupted Word 2010 files. In case it does not work, then do not be too tensed. Word recovery utility helps you to repair and recover Word 2010 file without any complication.

Before detailed study of features about this software, let me tell you some reasons for MS 2010 Word file corruption.

Common scenarios for Office 2010 Word file corruption:

Macro virus: When you download any Word document, Virus can also get intruded from those sites. If it’s a macro virus then it mostly infects header section of the Word file.  When you try to open such virus infected files, then it throws virus commands present on file. This macro virus can even change the font style, can insert unwanted text and it can also affect other Word files present on the computer. In such case, it is impossible to mend and rescue Word file without using any reliable tool.

Abrupt removal of external storage device: Word files may get corrupt when a removable storage device like a USB drive or memory card is removed while Word still has the files open on your desktop. Usually, Word does not re-assemble the file until it has been fully closed. If you remove the disk before it is closed then there is a chance of losing that document.

Abrupt system shutdown:  When you are working on the Word file, if you encounter sudden system shut down due to power failure or system crash then your Word file gets corrupt and inaccessible.

File conversion:  Repeated conversion of DOC and DOCX files may cause file system corruption. Later, it may form a broken Word document thereby resulting in inaccessibility of document causing data loss.

You can follow few precautionary measures to avoid damage to Office 2010 Word file:

  • Before processing any important document, it is safe to create a backup copy of that file in any storage device
  • Always update antivirus software on your system to get rid of harmful viruses
  • Make use of UPS to avoid frequent power fluctuation that reduces damage of Word file

Incredible features of Word recovery utility:

 Word recovery software is a powerful tool designed and developed by highly skilled and experienced professional experts to help user for easy Word repair recovery on Office 2010 within couple of mouse clicks. This software is completely free from harmful threats and viruses. Word restoration application has an in built scanning engine that deeply scans for all text, OLE objects, hyperlinks, etc. and recovers it from broken Word file within less span of time. This repair recovery software works efficiently on all versions of MS Word like MS Word 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010 with an ease.  Word retrieval app is the user preferred tool that repairs and restores severely corrupt Word document on all versions of Windows like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 within few moments.

Using demo version provided by this restoration utility, you can perform Word Repair Recovery on Office 2010 without facing any complication. You can even preview the repaired documents using this trial version. If you are satisfied with this free version then you can purchase the licensed one and restore all data.

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