Deleted File Recovery from USB Flash Drive (Transcend)

About USB flash drive (Transcend):

USB flash drives are the memory devices that play important role in transferring of files from one system to another system. USB flash drives are also used to have backup of any important data and it is small memory storage device. Any type of the files can be stored in the USB flash drive like video files, audio files, image files, documents, PDF files, games, etc. Many famous companies are manufacturing these USB flash drives such as SanDisk, Kingston, Transcend, Sony, HP, Imation, Corsair, Moser Baer, etc. Among all these brands Transcend is also a famous brand in manufacturing and selling USB flash drive throughout the world with positive response from its users.

deploy-keylogger-from-usb-flash-drive-quickly.w654How does data loss happen in USB flash drive?

Even after a lot of advantages of using USB flash drive there are chances of loss or deletion of data from it. Consider a scenario: you have saves some important data in your flash drive and you found that the some files from the USB flash drive have got deleted. Now let us have a brief look on the scenarios of the data loss from USB flash drives:

Accidental Format: Whenever you insert a USB flash drive in the computer, you will see many options such as Open, Open with, format, etc. If you click format button accidentally instead of clicking any other option, then all the files present in the USB flash drive will get deleted.

File System Corruption: File system contains all the information of the files that are stored in the USB flash drive. With the help of file system only the files can be accessed and it the files system gets corrupted due to any reason then you cannot access the files from the USB flash drive and that means you have lost all the files.

Bad Sectors: Bad sectors are physical damage of the USB flash drive. Bad sectors occur mostly on the portable devices so there are more chances of occurrence of bad sectors on USB flash drives. So the data available on the bad sectors will be inaccessible and in turn cause loss of those files.

Other Reasons: Excluding about mentioned reasons there are many other reasons that may also cause data loss or deletion. Some of them are due to improper ejection, header corruption, abrupt shut down of system during transfer process, virus infection, etc.

how to recover deleted files from USB flash drive?

The basic thing is there is no manual way to recover the lost files and the only way is you need to make use of any effective software to recover it. In the current market one on the most effective software to recover the USB flash drive is due to Transcend USB Recovery software. This software is applicable for different versions of Mac and Windows operating systems. This software has easy interface so that the users can recover the files in few simple clicks.

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