Best Way to Fix Corrupt PSD Files

“I’m using Photoshop 5.5 and OS Lion. The Finder crashed while doing a Search. When I rebooted and opened Photoshop, every Photoshop file I had worked on that afternoon, plus two from the day before, was corrupt – nothing else was affected .The jpgs I had saved from the psd files were also corrupt. I’d like to learn How to repair corrupted psd.”

From photographers to designer whoever has ever worked on Photoshop, would have frustrated because of erratic behavior even in small glitches like power shut down. Often the problems were not concern with Adobe Photoshop. It more related to how the OS works.

For example listen to this gentleman-

”I was working as usual on my design in Photoshop, went to my room to get my power cord, and voila, when I tried to reopen my file it gave the message that it can’t open as ‘some files are corrupted’. All I was left with was a black canvas where my design used to be nothing “

In such cases we often curse adobe for ruining their work, time and money. But you need to reconsider – How is your computer shutting can be an Adobe thing”?

Reality is prior to shut down your psd file was not completely written on the disk and it can happen to any file regardless of the application. However if you saved it then it would have been other scenario.

Either in such situation it could be a faulty Photoshop application or may be the disk directory gets messed up which makes psd file irrecoverable.

This is only one scenario and it appears there are a lot more issues related to tis topic.

PSD is a complex format. Like others it do have a header followed by chunks of data for layer structure, layer contents, etc.

A corrupted psd file can`t be opened. While adobe tries best to read the file but if the header or layer structure is scrambled, then there may not be enough info to read.

In order to open that file you need to repair corrupted psd. Corrupted psd file are not easy to be fixed, it consumes lot of your time and brain. As Photoshop document build layer by layer of images so it requires either a tech expert or any sort of sophisticated program repair corrupted psd file. However there are numerous repair tool exists, you just need to browse through them and find a reliable one.

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